A message from Bav (15/02/2021)

Hey everyone,

Following the statement given out by the May Ball Presidents’ Committee, I wanted to give you guys an update on how Sidney’s June Event would be going ahead this year, considering the situation we are in with COVID. I am aware that this is a long statement, but there is a lot of important information throughout: please do take a couple of minutes to read it! If you don’t have time to read all the information, the most important paragraphs are labelled in bold, so please at least read those! 

Event Details: The June Event Committee have been hard at work aiming to give you guys an event to look forward at the end of what has been a particularly difficult and, at times, disappointing year. However, it would be unrealistic to attempt to deliver a June Event on the same scale as previous years, whilst remaining mindful of people’s welfare. Therefore, we have decided that we will run the event at a reduced scale – meaning that the overall capacity will be lowered, and the event will be open to Sidney Sussex members and alumni only. As well as this, instead of the usual times of 7pm to 3am, we will be hosting the event from 6pm to 11pm. 

I would like to emphasise that the reduced capacity and duration of the event will naturally make it less of a spectacle than in previous years. Due to the necessary changes that we are making, and in some ways the event not being quite the same event as previous years have hosted, we have also decided to lower the ticket price to £65 across the board, with no queue-jump tickets available. Having said this, I still want to reassure you all that we are aiming to have live music and DJs at the event, as well as a range of food and drink, and our creative team has been busy planning the transformation of college for the evening! Although the event will be smaller, we are aiming to deliver as much of a June Event as we can for you all given the circumstances. 

Safety has of course been at the forefront of all discussions and decisions about June Event this year. We are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure that the safety of all guests, as well as the wider community, is not compromised. The placement of the event on Thursday the 24th of June is aptly timed for us to take advantage of the university’s asymptomatic testing regime and minimise COVID risk from within college. We will be doing everything possible to ensure that the presence of alumni at the event is also safe. As much as we can do, however, we do ask that you all remain safe in the leadup to the event, not only to maximise your own chances of attending, but for the health of everyone around us.  

Ticket Refunds: I am aware that many of you are concerned about the potential cancellation of the event after ticket sales, as well as the possibility of being unable to attend the event due to a last-minute case of COVID. I can ensure that we will issue full refunds to anyone who has bought a ticket in the case of event cancellation. Similarly, if any individual is unable to attend the event due to a COVID infection, or needs to isolate in their household, we will refund tickets to those individuals in full. I understand that alumni might be wary about booking train tickets in advance given the uncertainty of the event, so to maximise chance of not losing any money I recommend booking train tickets in or after May and, if possible, opting in for travel insurance in the case of a possible government-imposed lockdown. 

After reading the caveats I have just discussed, some may be dubious as to why we are still attempting to host an event. The answer is simple – we want each of you to have something to look forward to and enjoy. The May Week is usually a staple of the Cambridge year, and especially in a year fraught with uncertainty and unmet expectations, keeping people motivated and hopeful of ending the year on a positive note is something we believe is vital for all our calendars. As always, we are still planning on giving to charity through the revenue of the event too, and in keeping with the theme of this year, we decided to focus on mental health. We are proud to announce that the net proceeds from ticket sales for this year's event will be split between the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust and the Sam West Foundation, both of which are exceptional charities focused on mental health support for teens and young adults across the UK. Given the toll the pandemic has wrought on mental health, particularly for younger generations, we could not think of any more fitting nor deserving charities to support! 

Now that we have got all that out of the way, feel free to message me on Facebook, or email me at with any questions or concerns you might have, and I will make sure to respond promptly. I hope that at least the exciting parts of this message will have brightened up everyone’s locked-down lives and reassured you about any worries you might have had about the event. We hope you guys are keeping safe and we will keep you posted! 

June Event love, 

Bav and the June Event Committee 

Bavan Chandrasekaran
Sidney Sussex June Event 2021


 The message from the May Ball Presidents' Comittee (29/01/2021)

This statement aims to outline the current status of May Week 2021. The May Ball Presidents' Committee is composed of the Presidents and Chairs of all major May Week Events. Over the past year, the MBPC has been meeting to monitor the ongoing situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic, and take a coordinated approach to planning May Week Events for 2021.

Under current government restrictions, any in-person events typical of May Week are prohibited. As the situation continues to be uncertain and rapidly changing, it is impossible to predict what restrictions will look like in June. With this in mind, some May Week Committees are making tentative plans for May Week Events that may be allowed under relaxed conditions; in most cases, these events are significantly smaller in nature than past May Balls. Nevertheless, May Week committees are working hard to provide an event to mark the end of the academic year.

Over the course of the term, individual committees will be releasing more detailed information about their plans. Since each event is in a unique situation, operating on a different timeline, we ask that you are patient while you wait for these updates. In all cases, students can expect a significantly delayed ticket sales period.

The safety of University members, the wider Cambridge Community, and the general public is at the forefront of all of this planning. Events will only go ahead if they are covid-secure and compliant with council and government regulations.